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They chose Axxès

Jean VINCENT, Managing Director

Company founded in : 2000.
230 employees, including 166 drivers.
132 motor vehicles, all equipped with Viaxxès SAT tags.
Distance travelled by each vehicle annually: between 90,000 and 140,000 km.
Countries of operation: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, England, France, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic.
Vincent Logistics subscribed to the complete Axxès solution at the beginning of the year.

Logo Vincent Logistics

"We discovered Axxès through favourable feedback from Sitra Transport in Ypres, Belgium. At the time, Satellic had a monopoly imposed by the Belgian authorities. But Satellic did not meet our needs as a transport company. We still had to add an extra recording device to each truck. There is no uniformity of systems in Europe – some trucks are equipped with seven different recording systems. This is very complicated to manage from all viewpoints – in terms of technology, because fitting the devices to the HGVs is complex, and especially in terms of accounting: tracking the invoices, paying the suppliers and allocating the costs," explains Jean Vincent.

With regard to the Belgian tax, he adds: "Although it might have seemed risky to wait for Viapass to approve the tag, it was a choice we have not regretted – it was well worth the wait! As transport professionals, we are always looking for efficiency and simplicity. Axxès enables us to use a single tag with a single contract, a single invoice and a single point of contact to manage the toll costs for our vehicles on the Belgian network and all the other countries where we operate."

"Since installing the tags, the feedback from our employees, both drivers and administrative staff, has been positive. The satisfaction level is about 99%," Jean Vincent concludes.