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Drive on the Austrian network this autumn with the Viaxxès Sat unit

The Austrian motorway network, operated by ASFINAG, allows toll collection units to be used to pay tolls for vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes.

The Austrian motorway network Request a quote
Source ASFINAG 2016

How much does it cost ?

Price list depending on the Euro emissions class
Rate per kilometre for vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes. In force from 01/01/2016
Group Category 2
2 axles
Jour Nuit
Category 3
3 axles
Jour Nuit
Category 4+
4 axles or more
Jour Nuit
A Euro emissions class EURO VI 0,17800 0,17840 0,24983 0,25075 0,37436 0,37552
B Euro emissions class EURO EEV 0,19660 0,19700 0,27587 0,27679 0,40657 0,40773
C Euro emissions class EURO IV/V 0,20290 0,20330 0,28469 0,28561 0,41665 0,41781
D Euro emissions class EURO 0 to III 0,22290 0,22330 0,31269 0,31361 0,44865 0,44981

NB : night rate from 10pm to 5am

Which criteria are used to calculate the toll amount ?
  • Number of axles
  • Number of kilometres travelled
  • The vehicle's Euro pollution class

Our solution for accessing the Austrian network

  • 1 satellite tag for 6 countries*
  • Remote tag updates
  • Automatic identification of toll zone entry plazas when the MER is applied**
  • Geolocation, fleet management and fleet optimisation tools
** Most expensive rate

* Travel in Austria with the Viaxxès Sat unit, which is already interoperable with France, Spain, Portugal, the Liefkenshoek tunnel and the Viapass network in Belgium and the Herrentunnel in Germany.

Axxès will soon be extending the networks that accept the tag to include :

  • The Storebælt bridge in Denmark
  • The Øresundsbron bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden
  • The Swedish and Norwegian motorway networks