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Home > About Axxès > Our engagement towards our Partners

Our engagement towards our Partners

Axxès maintains strong links with its business partners, assuring the success of their electronic toll collection systems with their own clients

  • Multilingual sales support
  • Personalized marketing
  • Targeted communications
  • Quality after-sales service
  • Regular action plans

Our aim: a successful collaboration with permanently satisfied partners!

Axxès, your reference for European electronic toll collection systems.

With more than 200,000 badges currently in use, we are the leader in the European market for interoperable electronic toll collection systems.
Trust our expertise to provide your customers with a high-quality service and unique offer.

The strategic advantages of collaborating with Axxès:

  • Become a major player in European electronic toll collection systems anticipating your customer's requirements.
  • Improve customer loyalty by offering a reliable, useful service.
  • Diversify your activities and develop an additional stream of income for your company.

Global support for successful customer relations:

Axxès' Partner Relations Centre provides you with a dedicated contact point to help you successfully commercialize our products and services.

For more information,contact us by e-mail